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/Asms Meca Agreement

Although a small minority in practice, there are also employees of family physicians employed by employers. It would be less difficult for ASMS, but it is still a challenge because of the diversity of jobs. VPAs should be accessible with these employers, but it could also be a collective agreement to be preferred. These employed family physicians would require union representation. They have the right to join the ASMS and a small number of employees are already engaged, but in the absence of a collective agreement, the level of representation is limited. The 2018-2019 Primary Care MECA expires on August 31, 2019. Negotiations on the new agreement will begin shortly. ASMS is best known for its representation of the incumbents employed by DHB, including the negotiation of their MECA. But she also has experience of collective bargaining for family doctors outside of DHBs. These include a national MECA for hospices, a national collective family planning agreement, a MECA for labour and municipal health centres in the Wellington area, and several collective agreements of individual workers covering a number of municipal trusts. These results were positive, although conditions were much less favourable than the MECA that covered DHBs. The objective of the VPA is to enable workers to collectively negotiate legally binding terms of employment in sectors (i.e. industrial sectors) where it is very difficult, if not impossible, to negotiate multi-employer collective agreements.

The sectors most likely to be eligible for VPAs are different employers and workers, which are generally smaller and relatively isolated. Forestry, transport and agriculture are examples that immediately come to mind. This also applies to basic health care. . Key meCA salary clauses 2016-2018 (PDF, 9 pages, 374 Kb) . . . . Physicians work in public or private hospitals, or a combination of both, and may also work at medical universities. . .

. Form below (PDF, 1 page, 267Kb) (Use this form if your practice wants to become part of the MECA PHC). Anaesthetists administer anesthesia (gas or injection to prevent pain) during surgery and other procedures. They assess patients and reaniment them if necessary. . . . In addition, the NZMA (and general firms) has adopted the principled position of supporting the pay parity of nurses employed by DHB employees. It would not be sustainable to hold another position for medical practitioners.

“In fact, there were two reasons. I looked at psychiatry, surgery in general, radiology, anesthesia and others, and I decided that there were things about these specialties that didn`t fit my personality. So I chose part of the doctor because I excluded some of the other specialties… Order form for individual labour agreements (PDF, 1 page, 112 Kb) (for non-unionized workers or firms that are not parties to the MECA) . . . . Surgeons advise patients and operate to treat and treat diseases and injuries.

. Diagnostic radiologists diagnose diseases of the human body using X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine and radioactive solutions. . . . Gynecologists/obstetricians counsel, diagnose and treat problems with the female reproductive system and medically treat women before, during and after pregnancy.

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