Another Way To Say Break An Agreement

/Another Way To Say Break An Agreement

And then there`s an expression to pause for them, which means that all of a sudden, run very fast. If I find a big spider in my bathroom, I take a break for the door! Or when I let go of my daughter`s hand at the supermarket, she pauses for candy – which means she walks there. A. Accord B. Violation C. Reconciliation D. Broken If you hear someone talk about a big break, it`s an informal way to talk about a sudden opportunity or a quick success, especially when it comes to a career. We also have the phrase make a clean break that emphasizes that the separation is complete, so you can start fresh. Maybe you`ve had bad experiences in your city, and you`re moving to a new place so you can make a clean break with your past, completely separate from that, without continuing to be involved in anything from your past. Another example is the breakdown of power – sometimes governments legislate to break the power of big business, which means weakening or destroying the power of these companies. When your friend asks, “Hey, can you break a 20?” – he talks about money and asks if you have smaller tickets (like 5 or 10 dollars) to exchange for his $20 bill. Maybe he wants to buy a $2 item from a distributor, and he doesn`t want to put a $20 bill in it, so he asks if you have smaller bills to break his $20 bill. Similarly, the break means “to make something known”, we have a certain expression of breaking the news to someone, which means informing them of bad news.

Suppose I see my neighbour`s dog flying out of their house and getting hit by a car — then I have to break the news of my neighbour that his dog is unfortunately injured or dead. When someone breaks the voice, it means that it changes the tone because of strong emotions. If your friend talks about a tragedy that struck her personally, her voice could break – her word would be interrupted, or would sound a little differently because of her great sadness. When we talk about the context of current events, the break can mean revealing something to the public. “The scandal is broken” means that the scandal has been made public. We also use the break to say “stop for a short time” – for example, in the middle of a full-day meeting, the boss might say, “Pause for lunch” – stop the meeting for lunch. We also have the phrase Breaking News, which means the latest news that will be published very soon after the incident. Let`s say that in my job, I usually work with 10 clients a month, and now my boss wants me to take 20 clients a month. I could complain to my husband: “It doubles my workload. Gimme a break! “to say, “This is ridiculous!” When something breaks your mind, it`s different – it means it destroys your self-confidence and well-being. Suppose some parents always say negative things to their child like “you`re so stupid,” it would break the child`s mind.

If something breaks your resolve, it means it weakens or destroys your decision or determination to do something. Suppose I really want to be a doctor, but then I read an article about how doctors are always really stressed, which could break my resolve (destroy my determination to become a doctor). Finally, if someone falls, hopefully, there is something to break the fall, interrupt the case before that person hits the ground. When people train to be at the circus and do dangerous acrobatics in the air, there is a net underneath to break the fall, so if they fall, their fall would be interrupted before hitting the ground. In the physical sense, breaking something is breaking it.

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