A Tribute to Nik Ryan of The ZZ Tops

//A Tribute to Nik Ryan of The ZZ Tops

Life on the road is often tough. What helps is the comeraderie that you share with not only your band mates and crew but everyone else you meet! For around a four year period we toured extensively with Nik, Colin and Jonesey AKA the ZZ Tops. These guys were not only a fantastic tribute to ZZ Top they were absolutely fantastic people and we shared night after night of successful shows with the after show parties being just as impressive.

Leading the band was Nik Ryan. So it’s sad to hear of Nik’s passing after battling so stoically with the stroke that laid him low some three years ago. Nik was a force of nature! A hugely talented guitarist and musician, family man and gregarious social nucleus. He just rubbed off on you, always positive and humble.

We’re thankful to have known you Nik and in sadness can still draw fond and happy memories which makes right now so bitter sweet. Rest in Peace Nik. To Sarah and family we are so sorry to hear the news and we’re thinking of you along with Colin, Matty and their families at this difficult time. See you all very soon.


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