Live/Wire now turn to the task in hand of finding someone to come in and offer the kind of attributes and qualities that Daz Wood had maintained for the last fourteen years as the Drummer of the AC/DC show. We are looking for someone who has a working knowledge of the songs, is open to developing the show and has a love of the music. 2018 sees the band with a tremendous schedule of shows here and abroad, something that should be taken into consideration. We are a happy bunch and camaraderie is very important. Any extra skills that can help outside of playing are welcomed. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person. To apply please email

stating all the usual stuff: current gig, age, set up etc. Many drummers are now carrying ‘Go Pros’ so any links to footage would be great, as would anything you think that is relevant, including location. We look forward to hearing from you !!

The Guys at Live/Wire



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