Gary ‘Bon’ Jenkins
Live/Wire – like any successful and long-standing band has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Members have come and gone or have lost bigger battles than just pulling a strap over their shoulder! Over the years the camaraderie amongst the guys has kept the whole shebang going, often in the face of adversity.

There have been times over the last three (plus) years when some of us have struggled and found things tough. Being in a band is no different to spending time with your mates; some of them remain positive while others question themselves. Gary Jenkins joined the band an eternity ago (or so it seems) and has always had an overflowing glass with time for everyone, and a zest for life and his family. He struck up a special relationship with Dan, always pointed me towards a smile, and matched Pete for a one liner (OK, he had to practise them!).

It’s been no secret to everyone here that Gary wasn’t well and he’s borne the illness with dignity and resolve in the face of trying to enjoy one of his goals in life, show after show.

Gary’s condition, which was precarious, has now become such that he is unable to continue with Live/Wire in the short and medium term. It is hoped that with support from his family and the medical fraternity he may one day return to the stage.

We can only thank Gary for all he’s done as a positive influence and for being humble, and a friend to all of us.

We’ll miss you!! But never say never??

Any messages for Gary can be left on the band’s Facebook page.

Gary has over this difficult time been supportive and involved in keeping the show LIVE and intact and we will continue to cover both eras of AC/DC with his acceptance.

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