It is with great sadness that the band have to announce that Ash is hanging up the cap and SG and leaving Live/Wire due to continuing personal issues. During the last four years, watching and listening to Ash has been a privilege, and to top it off, he was an absolutely fantastic person to be around.

Ash said ‘I love each and every one of you boys, in some way or other, every individual has had a very big and positive impact on my life, and I’m forever grateful, Thanks for everything’

We have all seen the effect Ash has had on us during the time he has been around the band. He was very much a crowd favourite where ever we played.

This has been a tough time for Ash, and the guys are gutted that he can’t be with us, we hope everything works out for you Ash, hope to see you soon.

The band will make an announcement in the near future regarding the bands future line up, but please be assured the shows will go on this weekend at Holmfirth and Chester, and we are committed to bringing you the Live/Wire show and we’ll continue to salute AC/DC with you all !

We salute you Ash.

Rock on !

The boys9I4Y6614